Finally!! Could it really be happening ?

Aunt flo was supposed to arrive August 21,2012. It was already August 26 and she hadn’t come.

Normally, I would have bought a test around August 22 at the latest, but I was so tired of that negative result cycle that I finally helped the urge to buy 300 tests. I thought I am definitely not pregnant, it would be just too good to be true. My period is late because fate just wants to have a good laugh at  me again.

Back to August 26th, my period was about 5 days late and it had never been that late before. I finally asked Dan to get me a test and he did so. It was a Sunday night and when he got back he asked me not to test right away, he asked me to wait until the morning. I did not understand why he asked me to do that, but I was fine with it as I was in no rush to be disappointed with a negative result again.

My dear hubby always leaves for work around 6 am, I managed to get out of bed as soon as he left to do this test and get it over with it. I am still half awake, half asleep while I wait for the result.Two minutes have gone by and I just couldn’t believe my eyes !!


I finally got a positive pregnancy test. I could not believe it. I really wanted to test again, but Dan had bought only one test. But that was ok, it was enough for me to start calling everybody.

I called hubby first and he was happy. He said he already knew I was pregnant and this is why he had asked me not to test it the night before because I would have got so excited I would probably not let him get enough sleep hahahaha

Then I called my parents. It was my brother’s birthday, but I had completely forgot about it. My parents were thrilled and my mother was was shocked because she said she had dreamed of a baby the night before, a ” little girl” , she said.

Later, on my way to work, I bought two more tests just to be sure because all of that was just too good to be true. Both tests were positive, too. But I still could not believe it. I needed a blood test done. I called my family doctor and booked an appointment for the next day.

The next day, I saw my doctor and told him I got 3 positive home pregnancy tests and I wanted a blood test done to confirm it.


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