Once upon a time …

Every story has a beginning. Ours started back in October 2009 when I saw Dan’s profile on a dating website and decided to message him. We chatted for a week until we finally met at a Starbucks location on October 8th, 2009.

From there on things moved somewhat quickly. In less than 6 months we were basically already living together as he would spend 6 out of 7 nights at my place and go home mostly just to get something he needed. About 4 months later, we “officially” moved in together as he was added to my lease agreement.

We got engaged after being together for 1 year and 5 months, and bought our first home a month prior to our second anniversary.

We started trying to conceive that same year as I knew it would definitely take me a while to accomplish this mission. I was aware of that because I had been married before and was never able to conceive then.

Our wedding was  booked for July 12, 2012.We were planning a traditional wedding surrounded by our friends and family, with a romantic ceremony at a garden and a nice reception with lots of food. I personally did not want that kind of wedding maybe because I had had it all before, but I sincerely felt it was just too much money spent on one quick occasion.

So we had agreed to have it both ways: my way and the traditional way. My way would be just the two of us, nobody else with us, then we would go somewhere like a hotel for honeymoon. Then in July, we would still have the traditional way but then it would be more like a vow renewal scenario. Dan was fine with it, but thought we should keep it a secret so we wouldn’t hurt his family’s feelings.

Long story short, his family found out we were getting married secretly and they tried to stop the wedding. They said that we were rushing things and that they wanted to be present which I could totally understand, however, they did not stop there. They went personal, and started offending me in a personal level. That was most certainly uncalled for and they ended up damaging the relationship I had with them.

It turns out we got married March 17, 2012 ( St. Patrick’s day), just the two of us, and the traditional wedding they really wanted was postponed. And we used the money we had saved to have a really nice honeymoon in Jamaica.


Honeymoon – Jamaica




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