3D Scan

Yesterday was a great day not only because it was the day we were going to have our 3D scan, but also because my cousin’s baby was born !

My cousin’s wife got pregnant a couple of months before I did and we developed this really strong bond throughout our pregnancies. Even though we live in different countries we managed to stay in touch and speak almost everyday. She is a wonderful person and I am so glad my cousin found a wonderful person to build a beautiful family with.

He was born during the time we were having our 3D scan at around 5 p.m. Welcome Miguel ! May you be showered with blessings !

Now, let’s talk about the scan. It was a wonderful experience. Amber, the lady who performed the scan, was a very sweet and patient person. Even though I had eaten chocolate on my way over there ( as I had been told to in order to get the baby active), it was really hard to get a nice view of her face at first as she was covering it with her arms all the time.

So, Amber and I started poking my belly to get the baby moving and it actually worked. We were finally able to get a nice view of her face and I think it gave us a pretty good idea of what she is going to look like when she is born.



Honestly, I think she looks 80% like daddy and only 20% like mommy. It is his forehead, his nose, his lips, his fingers and toes. The only features that look like mine are her chin and cheeks!


What do you think ?




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