DIY Maternity Photo Shoot

As I mentioned on my previous post, we did out own maternity photos as we are broke after all of the baby shopping. It was actually fun and I think the photos turned out ok. I hope you Like it !

I can’t wait for you to wear these !

Dan+Lorena= Helena Alba

And that’s how babies are made: daddy blows into mommy’s tummy


Running out of room in there

Ready … just waiting for you

Can’t stand an empty crib any longer !

Daddy and Mommy waiting for you !

The making of Helena? haha


5 thoughts on “DIY Maternity Photo Shoot

  1. I love your DIY maternity shoot. You guys look great and happy. I think it is so special that you took these in your own home. Love the comments about an empty crib LOL I feel the same. These are great photos to show your little girl:)

    • Aw thank you ! I hope she will like it ! It makes me think about when we were all born and there was no such a thing as digital cameras and what not. No ultrasound pics at all !! These kids are so lucky nowadays because they will get to see all of this since the womb. I myself only ever saw one photo of mine as a baby and one photo of my mom pregnant , but I think she was pregnant with my brother on the photo. It wasnt even me ! haha About the empty crib, you know, sometimes I think about those parents who come home without their babies because they had to stay and NICU for whatever reason. Gosh, that would break my heart !!!

  2. Yeah I was born at 34 weeks and had to be in an incubator for 10 days! I was so tiny! It is better for our babies to stay as long as they need to. As soon as I have him I want to take him home!

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