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The last four months …

The last five months have the best and the fastest ones of my life.

Everything everyone said to me before I had kids turned out to be true, but the truth is that we can’t fully comprehend what those words truly mean until you yourself experience motherhood ( or parenthood, for that matter).

It is very tough, very exhausting, sometimes you want to scream, sometimes you want to hide. The greatest and longest vacation you will be taking are solo trips to the supermarket.

Now you must be thinking I am unhappy and regretful I decided to have a kid.

Well, it is quite the opposite. I have never been this happy before, this fulfilled. This happiness is not only about how beautiful and smart our kids are, or how much meaning they’ve brought into our lives… it is also about the fact that we seem to have found an endless source of energy and will to enjoy life. All of a sudden we truly mean it when we try to do better each day, be a better person.

Of course, there days and night that seem endless. Baby is gassy, fussy, and you are tired, in need of sleep. But these nights and days are a drop of water in the happiness ocean.

Helena will be turning 6 months old in 8 days ! We have done and experienced so many things already !

I was amazed when I realized there’s this amazing network, a community, of mothers. Groups, places to go, things to do.

I had never felt part of a group as strongly as I feel right now.

I will be posting about some things you can do, places you can go and groups in can join in the Edmonton & Area Community !

As for Meu Amor ( that’s how I call Helena sometimes), she is doing great.

People are constantly telling me how advanced she is, how bright she is. Well, I obviously agree ! But I don’t know if it is just the fact that this new generation is obviously smarter than the previous ones, or if she is truly advanced for age. Regardless, I am so so so grateful to God that she was born a healthy, happy , easy baby. It cannot get any better than this.

It is hard for me to see her as a baby anymore. I can only see her as a toddler because she is this energetic, participative, communicative tiny human that keeps me so much company. She obviously does not talk yet, but she certainly knows how to make her point! I know what she wants, when she is happy or annoyed … Anyway, she is amazing. I look forward to when she is older and we can hang out, have a girls day out to the spa and so on…

Firs time I witnessed Helena rolling around was on July 19th, she was only 3 months old.

First time she was able to sit completely unassisted was on September 6th, she was only 4 months.

Now at 5 months she can go from sitting to tummy and pushes herself to any direction, pushes herself far enough to reach for things.

Anyways, enough braggin’ haha.