Tantrum Survival Guide

It has been so long since I posted last time, and there is a lot of catching up to do, but we will save that for later.

For now, I would like to share how I managed to make it through the day today.

Helena, now 13 months-old, is surprisingly stubborn and needy. Perhaps I was naïve, but I was so NOT expecting to deal with the kind of things I have been dealing lately. I had heard of the “terrible twos”, but I had never heard of the what I have dubbed as the please-put-a-bullet-through-my-head ones. 

It has been one of those days today. But today, instead of zoning out by surfing the web, I tried different things and I am so glad to say it worked! I decided to share them right away because there might be someone out there right now in need of some suggestions!!!

In order to survive a terrible tantrum in which your little one will not stop crying and screaming right in your ears, you will need the following tools:


A bottle of water

Yes. Some, or a LOT of, water can do wonders for you. Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in this refreshing fluid of the Gods!

Don’t drink it in a hurry. Take breaks and take deep breathes. This is why I love this giant bottle of water !




 Wireless Headphones

IMG_9133I know it sounds terrible, but we are going to block all of that madness by throwing some headphones on. I highly recommend wireless ones because, trust me, you do not want your child pulling on those wires when you are that stressed already!




Play some music

Once you’ve got your wireless headphones on, throw some music on. But not just any music. Play the kind of music that gets you singing out loud – perhaps even dancing!

IMG_7026In my case, I tune into some rock, something that beats really hard in my ears and that I can scream and shake my head … Just give it!

If you want to play this kind of music, but you are not sure which artists to choose, here is a picture of some of the artists I listen to!


And last, but not least …



Treat yourself to something sweet


Since it is summer and it is a bit warm in here today, I gave myself a mini Magnum. It is half the size and half the calorie. Oh boy, it certainly did help with my stress!





You must be wondering “What will my kid be doing meanwhile?”. Well, most likely screaming. But this is a not a long process, takes about 1 minute . Of course, just make sure your little one is in a safe spot while you gather your survival tools.

Once you have your music on, savour your treat. When you are done, resume interacting with your child. Try and find things for you two to do together. Today, Helena and I coloured a book together. And you do it while still listening to your songs – and preferably singing out loud! Yes, singing is the channel from which you will be able to release all the tension that has built up while your little one was screaming her/his lungs out !

I'm so proud of my colouring skills lol this is so relaxing!!

I’m so proud of my colouring skills lol this is so relaxing!!

Let me know if it helps you! I really hope it helps you like you helped me !!