Flying with a Toddler – Part II

I feel bad that it has taken me so long to wrap up this topic.

To read Flying with a Toddler – Part I click here

But let’s get to it!

Scenario 3 – Flying with L.O and Hubby in 2 seats.

Believe it or not, this was the most comfortable flight we had. I had the window seat and Dan, obviously, had the aisle seat.

I had brought with me some toys and snacks to get Helena busy until “bedtime”. As for the toys I should mention I brought small, simple toys. Nothing noisy, or big, but good enough to keep her distracted such as this one on the picture.



It did the job. Got her busy until we were done eating dinner, and ready to sleep.

When it was time to sleep, I put my legs over Dan’s lap, and leaned against the window. I placed some pillows on my sides to make it extra comfy. Helena was able to rest on my chest, and nurse.

This was the most comfortable flight of all. We had a decent amount of sleep. I was even able to watch some movies while she was sleeping on me.

Unfortunately, the flight from Toronto to Edmonton was not as good. We had to sit next to a stranger which always makes it less comfortable. Helena, thankfully, did sleep for part of the flight while I took a nap.

When we got home I was so done! I certainly do not want to fly with Helena again any time soon!

Here is a list of items that can be real life-savers when flying with a little one:



Movie Session

Wow! It has been a week since last post!

This week flew by! But, this means that tomorrow tis Stars & Strollers Day again.

Here are the two choices of movies for tomorrow. Click on Movie Name for Trailer!

Remember: Sessions start at 1 p.m

Cineplex Odeon North

The Drop & The Maze Runner

Scotiabank Theatre at West Edmonton Mall

If I Stay & This is Where I Leave You

Enjoy the show!

A quick reminder to Edmonton Mommies: Tomorrow is POPCORN Day !!

North and West Edmonton Mommies, tomorrow is Stars & Strollers Day!

I just thought I’d share what the choices of movies are for tomorrow at these two locations !

South Cineplex Odeon offers S&S on Thursdays.

Remember: session starts at 1 p.m !

Cineplex Odeon North will be playing:


Here is a link to the trailer :

And …


Here is the link to the trailer:—Trailer-2/Video/

Playing at Scotiabank Theatre located at West Edmonton Mall:

No Good Deed. See info above.

And …


Link to trailer:

I really feel like watching The Captive.

Let me know how it goes, if you go!!


Ha!! Long time no see!

It is hard to post as often as I’d like as life has been crazy busy! I know I still need to post Travelling with a Toddler Part II – and its happy ending – but I have some news I want to share!

No. I am not pregnant.

Not yet.

But we decided to start Trying to Conceive (TTC) Little One (LO) number 2 (#2) !!!! – The translation of this weird post title haha!

It is exciting to be able to start posting this time even before we have conceived, unlike Helena’s pregnancy, as the ideas to blog only occurred to me after we found out we were expecting!

I have started taking my prenatal vitamins and I am really hoping this time it will not take us as long as it took to get pregnant with Helena!!

Anyways, cross your fingers for us!!!

Hoping for a BFP in October!!