Ha!! Long time no see!

It is hard to post as often as I’d like as life has been crazy busy! I know I still need to post Travelling with a Toddler Part II – and its happy ending – but I have some news I want to share!

No. I am not pregnant.

Not yet.

But we decided to start Trying to Conceive (TTC) Little One (LO) number 2 (#2) !!!! – The translation of this weird post title haha!

It is exciting to be able to start posting this time even before we have conceived, unlike Helena’s pregnancy, as the ideas to blog only occurred to me after we found out we were expecting!

I have started taking my prenatal vitamins and I am really hoping this time it will not take us as long as it took to get pregnant with Helena!!

Anyways, cross your fingers for us!!!

Hoping for a BFP in October!!



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