I still CANNOT believe this is happening.

As previously mentioned on post of  September 15th TTC LO#2, my husband and I had decided to try to conceive baby #2.

I really wanted Helena and her sibling to be close in age, and due to the fact it took us about 9 months to get pregnant the first time, we decided to start trying this month so that they would be less than 3 years apart in case it took us that long again.

I had been feeling A LOT of nausea for the last 5 days accompanied by some exhausting, and light-head. Not to mention, my nausea turned me into a very picky eater this week which, in turned, got me to order a lot of take out this week. I thought I could be pregnant, but I did not want to feel hopeful.


My period was due yesterday and it was a no show. It is extremely punctual, about 98% of the time, so that caught my attention right there. I thought I could be just anxious and that was reason behind the delay. I had already bought some Dollarama pregnancy tests because I KNEW I would want to test over and over again regardless of the first result.

I was very sad to learn I was not pregnant. About 4-5 dollarama HPT turned out to be negative. I even went as far as telling my husband and my best friend that I was not pregnant. I was expecting it not to happen right away, but I was feeling negative nonetheless. I was thinking why I couldn’t just be a normal person who gets pregnant that easily.


I kept feeling very sick, and I knew in my heart I had to be pregnant.  I decided to do some quick research online, and I found out that Dollarama HPT are not that sensitive. They can only detected the pregnancy hormones starting at 25 mlU/ml whereas the famous brands, expensive tests are a bit more sensitive, detecting levels as low as 10mlU/ml. I thought maybe my levels were just too low for my dollarama tests to detect. I mean, what do you expect to get for $1?

So, I went to Walmart and bought a Clear Blue test. I decided to wait until the morning to use the morning pee to try and raise my odds of getting the positive result, in case I was really pregnant. As soon as I wake up in the morning, I needed to pee really bad. I thought I couldn’t hold it long enough to get myself set up, but I so did not want to waste the morning pee.

I made it! I finally tested. As I am looking at the test, it showed the line that the test worked right away. The result window seemed not to change much, other than the line that will show up no matter what the result is. Suddenly, I thought I’d started to see a faint vertical line crossing downwards, but I wouldn’t allow myself to feel happy just yet. I thought to myself it had not been 3 minutes yet, so I must wait. Finally, there it is! A positive result!!! My BFP!!! I couldn’t believe it, but for some reason I did not feel the need to test again right away.

As usual, I couldn’t keep it to myself!! I darted out of the washroom announcing “I’m pregnant! I’m pregnant”. Dan looks at me and says ” Cool. Congrats!” … I know, not that exciting. Then I proceeded to tell friends and relatives.


Top Test: 12 pm Bottom Test: 10 AM

It is a different feeling, I admit. The first time around it is a mix of happiness and fear and excitement and fear again. The second time around is just happiness. A calm, tranquil sort of happiness. I am happy and excited, but not anxious. In my opinion, this is good. I think it will allow me to enjoy this pregnancy more than I did enjoy the first one. The first one was like tapping in the dark, not knowing what to think and what to expect. I know not two pregnancies are the same, but experience does play a big part.

Then, I proceeded to create my pregnancy announcement. The one I had been playing in my head over and over again. I admit that maybe I would have done something a bit better-looking had I given myself sometime to think, but, once again, I just could not wait to tell the world. I do like how it turned out tho. I guess the only thing I’d change would be my choices of shoes LOL

Since I was still unsure of the result, I finally used the second test. Sure enough, it was positive, but this time the line was darker! So, it did help me feel a bit more confident! It is so hard to believe that we got pregnant with the first attempt this time around. WOW! I am still in shock!!

So, my due date is JUNE 11, 2015!

So, yes, we are pregnant. Or, at least, is what it seems. I am thrilled. I plan to see my doctor sometime either tomorrow or Monday, and get a blood work done to truly confirm it!!


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