Second Trimester

No words to describe how fast this pregnancy is going!!! As of last Wednesday, Dec 10, we have entered our second trimester  (already!!!).

So, I re-did my due date calculation. I did it just like I did it last time with Helena. Funny, last pregnancy, when my doctor calculated my due date, she did it the standard way that takes into account a 28-day cycle which is not my case.  According to her, my due date was May 3rd… but according to myself, it was April 29. Ditto. Helena was born April 29.

This time, they calculated it the same way again, as a 28-day cycle. So my due date to them is June 15, but according to my calculation it is June 11. I had mistakenly entered 26-day cycle instead of 25, and this is why I had been using June 12 as my due date. But I will stick to June 11 as I was spot-on last time! Maybe I will get it right again this time haha Using June 11, 2015 as my due date brings me to 14w5d today. Another 5 weeks or so and we can find out the baby’s gender. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to find out, but now I kinda am looking forward to it!

Now, what are the odds? One of Dan’s brothers and his girlfriend are expecting too and she is due June 15. I am so happy for them, but I really don’t want the babies to share the same birthday.  I have recently learned she feels the same way too. No kidding!! There are so many important dates shared in this family already like my birthday and our anniversary !!!! So, I’m guessing that because this is our second and this is their first, ours might be a bit early and theirs a bit overdue. We’ll see.

These last few weeks have been busy, and the ones to come will be busy too, which will certainly make time go by faster and faster.  We had  family and friends over for an early xmas celebration this last Sunday. Prepping for that got us busy, busy. Then, next week, hubby will come home for xmas and stay over for 2 weeks YAY. True Xmas gift to Helena and I.

Then, on December 28 my mom arrives. I am really looking forward to that because I can SO use a break before LO 2 arrives. I also want to enjoy some date nights with hubby. I will do anything I possibly can to make this visit works. She will be staying for 2 months. The very next day, I have my very first appointment with my o.b at the hospital where I shall deliver.

I am also really looking forward to our little family vacation coming up in January. Dan, I, Helena and my mom are heading to Los Cabos in the end of the month. Once again, it will be so nice to have my mom with us so she can stay with Helena for a bit, allowing Dan and I to spend some quality time together.

I am hoping the week before the trip we might be able to find out the gender !!!

I gotta say, this is exciting. I feel so blessed. Sure, some days are tough and I get grumpy, but overall I can’t ever forget how blessed we have been. I am so grateful to everyone who has helped us one way or another, and espcially to God.


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