16 weeks and counting …

Today, I finally had my first appointment with my Ob-gyn, the one who will most likely deliver baby, at the hospital where I shall deliver. It was a nice first visit. She seemed very nice, and enthusiastic.

We talked about routine stuff like health history and my previous pregnancy. I got to hear baby’s heartbeat yay. It is always so nice and so touching.

So, she asked me if I wanted to do a blood test that identifies genetic disorders such as Down Syndrome. I agreed to it and did it right away. I understand some people choose not to find out beforehand because they feel like it will not make any difference to them, and they will love their baby just the same. This is wonderful.

I will love my child just the same too, but I think having the opportunity to know about it beforehand is a great opportunity that I choose to take advantage of. Being emotionally prepared ahead of time would be great. Hopefully, everything will be ok. I have been taking my vitamins since prior to getting pregnant, so I feel good about our odds. But, once again, regardless of the outcome, this baby is a blessing and we could not be more excited about his/her arrival!

She also booked an ultrasound for January 22 – which is when we can find out the gender. But, omg, I am so anxious and curious now. Don’t know if I can wait that long.

I am seriously considering going to a private place to try and find it out a couple of weeks earlier.IMG_5880

Unfortunately, my mom did not arrive yesterday, as planned. Due to health issues, she had to be hospitalized and is unable to fly for another couple of weeks. So, now she is supposed to arrive january 11. I really hope it will work out this time. I was looking forward to her visit, her help.

For this reason, Dan could not come with me to the appointment, which sucks. I really wish he had, but we agreed it was best for Helena to stay home. She has been a handful and it would only make the hospital visit hard on everybody.

Last Thursday, Christmas Day, I experienced the very first Braxton Hicks of this pregnancy. I was not sure, at first, because I thought it was a bit early for that, but then I was sure about it.

If I were any farther along in this pregnancy, I would have thought I was in labor, ready to go to the hospital. It was a great rehearsal and reminder of what is to come in about 6 months haha

I am 100% sure my belly grew a bit that day. I believe my two new stretch marks are evidence of the fact.

I use bio oil on my belly, but I think I am just naturally prone to get tons of those. Regardless, it does not bother me that much anymore. They tell the story of my kids coming to this world, and makes me proud!

Other than that, everything else is the same. Still 0 appetite, still lots of nausea.  I have lost 7lbs. I really, really hope I start feeling better soon so I can eat better. Right now, all I care about is getting something in my tummy, I don’t care what as long as it stays in there.

Getting nervous and anxious about Mexico. Helena has been so, so hyper that I am really dreading having to fly with her for over 5 hours !!! Hopefully the 3 of us can take turns and entertain her that long. It is too bad it is not a night flight tho, so she won’t be tired. It will right in the morning, around 10 am. She will be so, so energetic.

It really makes me think that maybe we should not fly with the two kids for a while. At least until one of them, Helena, can be ok on her own. I really wanted to fly to Brazil next year in order for my family to meet baby, but I really think it will be hell.

No matter how prepared a parent can be, a long flight is a long flight. Even us, adults, get uneasy, but we learn to put up with it.

I am going to start planning and preparing for that!


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