My Big Sister-To-Be Part II

Helena is a very helpful little girl. Whenever we are cleaning she tags along and wants to participate. As a matter of fact, assigning her a task is the only way to get things done, most times.

I wanted to take advantage of this. I wanted to both show her my appreciation for her help and stimulate her to continue to be this way. Right now, it is all fun and games to her, but eventually chores are going to be “lame”. So, I decided to start her on a chores chart. Yes, I do realize how young she is and that she will not “get” the concept right away, but my initial goal is not to make her understand. My initial goal is to get her familiar with participating and helping around the house so that, when she does begin to comprehend things, it will be natural to her.IMG_2305

I also decided to start her on a money/allowance jar. Once again, she is too young to understand what money is about, but that is not the goal. The goal is for her to associate money with work and contributing.  Long story short, I don’t want her to be spoiled like me hahaha

As of now, the money itself means nothing to her, but she LOVES throwing her dime in her piggy bank haha.  And that is good enough for me for now.


How did I select the chores that would go on her chart? I observed her. I noticed what sorts of things she was already doing and this is what went on to the chart. I don’t want to have her do more than she can. The goal is not to exploit her or to get her to actually  clean something. The goal is to lay a foundation, a mindset.

So, here is her current chores chart.

Helena' Chores Chart

Helena’ Chores Chart

In case you can’t read it on the photo, her chores are:

– To make her bed,

– To take her dishes to the sink or dishwasher,

– To feed the cats,

– To help bring groceries in ( light stuff, obviously),

– To put her toys away,

– To help unload the dishwasher ( her own dishes, which is plastic and light, therefore, safe)

– To throw her garbage in garbage can ( wrappings from her food and stuff)

– To dust ( she LOVES using the duster LOL)

Picking up Her toys

Picking up Her toys

She will make $0.10 a day for completing her chores which adds up to only $36.50 a year. So, really, it is not about the money.

So far, it has been going well. I help her whenever she is having a hard time completing her task, for whatever reason, but mostly she does it on her own.

It has actually been really fun!

Putting her toys away

Putting her toys away



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