29 weeks and counting

We’re basically 10 weeks away from Olivia’s debut into this world !!! As I have said 1000 times before, I just can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going.


How am I doing? 

It feels a lot like the first trimester again. Lots of nausea and super tired all the time.  I have heartburn almost 24 hours a day and nothing seems to work. It feels like only an exorcism session would take this heartburn away!!!

My memory sucks!!! I forget a lot of things all the time. I got to the point where I forgot I was pregnant. Can you believe that? How can you forget something like that? I was absentmindedly sweeping the floor when I was hit by this intense nausea and I thought to myself ” Oh my gosh, could I be pregnant?” … A few seconds later I realized the obvious.

My appetite comes and goes, so I am not eating the greatest again.

Emotionally speaking, I feel overwhelmed and anxious. The nursery and Helena’s room have new carpet in. The painting in nearly done, but there is so much left to do still and, at the pace we are going, I don’t see this being done before Olivia is here. Her nursery is almost ready. It just needs a bit of cleaning and organizing. And I just need to remember to ask Dan to bring the nursing chair in.


New Carpet !!!!

Then, it will be officially ready.

I have these three courses I want to finish before baby is here, but it seems impossible. I feel so disconnected from school, and I just failed a test (for the very first time). I think I can blame my failure a bit on this messed up memory of mine and the fact that they could not log me in for the longest time and I started my exam an hour later… So, by the time I started I was ready to be done! I can re-do the test which is great, but I am annoyed I am not rid of one more course. Still stuck with three. This experience really put school in perspective for me. I won’t be quitting, but I will definitely take on less courses at a time which means my grandchildren will be at my graduation ceremony 🙂

I am also sick and tired of Dan’s working out of town. I know it could be worse, a whole lot worse, but I just can’t take it anymore. I am so afraid of going into labor or something happening to me when he is not here.

This feeling of overwhelm combined with my exhaustion leads me to…. DOING NOTHING. Ok, maybe not nothing, but definitely not enough. It is like my mind is congested and I don’t even know where to start.

Appointments and OB-GYN

Let me start by saying a couple of things about the place where I was going to. Since the beginning of this pregnancy, I had been seeing doctor Amanda Aiken from the Alberta Associates of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Aiken is really nice, and I was pleased with her being my doctor. The staff, however, is really rude and unprepared. Another fact about this place is that they would only book my appointments either Wednesdays and Thursdays which is really inconvenient for me since Dan is not home those days.  They are open from Mon-Fri and they have had me there on a Monday, so I really don’t understand why they could not even consider accommodating my need.

Up to this point I had managed not to take Helena with me. This appointment, however, was book for 9 am. Most people are at work and I really don’t feel like asking people to watch Helena for me, especially at such an inconvenient time as Wednesday 8 a.m. So I canceled my appointment, and they rebooked it for the very next day – just as early as the previous appointment. So, I decided to take Helena with me. I confess I did not have a good feeling about it .

If they were punctual, I believe things would have gone well. But they don’t see you right away. Helena was doing fine until she saw this lady in scrubs. She freaked out. I think it made her think we were there for her, and made her think about the times she had to be poked by needles and have exams done. I just could not calm her down. I was trying everything I could to help her, but she just wanted out of there. I tried calling Dan and getting her to talk to him, I tried playing a cartoon for her, I tried everything, but she wouldn’t let go of the door.

Finally, one of the receptionists approached me and asked me to leave with my child because she was being too loud. “I’m sorry?” …  I lost it !!! I said to  him ” So, you guys bring kids into this world, but you don’t have the patience to deal with them? Trust me, I am not enjoying any of this! If I could, I would not have brought her with me. Also, how am I supposed to hear my name outside? Not to mention there is nothing outside but a hall and the elevator!!”

A bunch of people approached us when I raised my voice. Some of the other receptionists were all talking to me at the same time. One of them said that they were just trying to help. Really? By kicking me out? How is that helpful? Then another one of them was “kind” enough (please, do notice the sarcasm) to offer go outside and let me know when they call my name. I said to them “Don’t worry. I’ll go outside. But I am never coming back. This is not right, and this must be illegal somewhere!”

Then I left.

I started looking for another doctor and finally found a place that would take me if it is not a high-risk pregnancy which it is not, but they have to see my prenatal records before making a decision. So, I called my former clinic and I asked them to fax these docs to the other clinic and the receptionist is like ” Are you really leaving us? I am so sorry about what happened. We talked to him after you left. It is not right what he did.”  I explained to her that I think it is best I leave because there might be another time I need to bring my kid with me and I don’t want to go through this again. I also said that I read some reviews online and everyone mentions how rude the staff is there and that I wish I had seen that a long time ago, before going there.

So, they faxed my docs and the new clinic booked my appointment which is tomorrow. The receptionist is very friendly and I asked her about bringing my kid with me and she said it is no problem at all and explained how the rooms were large and all.

Therefore, it has been a really long time since I saw a doctor which is a little annoying this far along my pregnancy. I had my diabetes test and still haven’t had a chance to talk about my results. I got a phone call after my test saying that I had very low iron levels and was prescribed a medication. Other than that, nothing was said about my blood. I am on this medication now. I was hoping it would boost my energy, but not really.

Let’s see how it goes tomorrow! I hope baby is doing ok! She has been so active. She seems to be much more active then Helena was. I feel her moving and kicking all the time. I hope I get to see her again some time soon too!!!


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