36 weeks and counting!

I just can’t believe it! In only 2 days I will be 37 weeks which means Olivia will be a full-term baby!

10488253_10204224857361899_7285812256128836296_nFeeling really blessed to have made it this far and I hope everything continues to go on well!

I would say we are 99% ready! Bags are packed, clothes are washed … really I just need to do some organizing in her room now – it always gets messy when more things are brought in.

My sister-in-law was kind enough to throw me a baby shower this last weekend. It was a lot of fun and we were given lots of diapers!!!

Diapers are never too much, that is for sure!!!!

Last week I had an appointment. Olivia¬†is still measuring 2 weeks ahead. Everything seems to be fine. Still dealing with a bad case of anemia … Still feeling lots of pain on and off so I, honestly, think I must be, at least, a couple of centimetres dilated already. I am going to see my doctors every week from now on, which means I have another appointment coming up this week. This time they will be doing the swab and checking my cervix. Looking forward to finding out if there is any progress already.


As for next week, my mom should arrive Wednesday and I’m hoping baby will hang on until then because I will really need her help.

Then, I am supposed to have yet one more ultrasound appointment next Friday. I don’t recall having these many when I was expecting Helena…

Still haven’t decided on her middle names which has been on my mind a lot. It is like Dan says, we used all of our creativity when naming Helena hahaha

Reno’s are still not done…….. Deck is built though and it has been very useful to be honest.

I was hoping Dan could be done with the flooring before Olivia arrives, but I really doubt it is going to be the case . I mean, he has a full-time job, and other commitments … it is unfortunate he will not accept help.

Mother’s Day was relaxing. We didn’t do much because I was feeling a lot of pain that day. We did go go the waterpark for a couple of hours because our tickets would expire…It’d be a waste of money. Dan spent most of the time with Helena while I chilled in the pool. He also gave me a prenatal massage gift card which was great. I had been wanting to go for one for the longest time, but, unfortunately, the massage wasn’t as good as I had hoped for. I think the lady who massaged me was doing deep tissue massage so it was really painful ūüė¶¬†11147854_10204162459481991_3230341285527281892_n

Other than that, just trying to enjoy these last few days as a mom of one child, trying to rest as much as possible which has been hard since I wake up at 4 am every morning now – I have ¬†no freaking clue why – then I can’t go back to sleep!!!

Trying to spend lots of quality time with Helena. She is absolutely in love with the weather. Loves being outdoors. As soon as she wakes up she grabs her shoes and our shoes because she wants to go to the backyard haha She is a summertime junkie!

You can imagine, I can barely keep up with her ! Thank God Dan is home everyday because he can keep up with her rhythm !

Family of 3 soon to be a family of 4!

Family of 3 soon to be a family of 4!


35 weeks and counting

OMG !! I can’t believe it has been about 6 weeks since I last posted. I swear it feels like 6 days to me.

As I have been saying all along this pregnancy, I just can’t believe how fast it is going by. I can’t believe soon enough we will be done with the first half of the year!!!

We have all been very busy for a change. There have been a couple of times I nearly posted, but I didn’t feel inspired. So, it is not just about time. It is about inspiration too.

During this time I have been away, I started seeing my new doctors, had two ultrasound appointments, had a maternity mini-session, and Helena’s bday. Oh yeah, and Dan is also back home! YAY!!! No more working out of town so we get to see him every evening now. I can’t express how happy, how grateful I am that he is finally back after working out of town for 1 year and 4 months!!!


I have started seeing my new doctors. So far it has been great! The staff at Mom Care Docs is amazing! ¬†They are very nice, very kind, and very polite. Completely different from the staff at Dr. Aiken’s office, which sucks because the Dr., herself, was really nice.


Olivia 32 weeks

Olivia has been measuring two weeks ahead, consistently, which has put me in a panic mode. I wasn’t feeling ready to welcome her 2 weeks earlier. This whole measuring ahead thing is making things very confusing too. I had an ultrasound at 32 weeks in which she measured 34 weeks. Then, I shouldn’t have had another ultrasound for another 4 weeks, but instead I had another one done exactly 2 weeks later when I was 34 weeks, but measuring 36w4d. At least I got to see my baby girl twice!

I have also been feeling lots of braxton hicks as well as really intense pain in my stomach. The doctor said it is heartburn… I respectfully disagree as I do know what heartburn feels like, and this is not it. Either way, she prescribed Zantac for the pain and i have been taking it when I have heartburns. It does nothing to the stomach pain, though!

There have been a few times I thought “that is it, Olivia is coming!” and I freaked. I just wanted to clean. The house is a total mess all the time due to the endless reno and hurricane Helena. Okay, Dan and I are pretty bad too! Can’t blame it all on ¬†Helena.

But since I had a very real false alarm, my nesting mode has been on full power. I have been cleaning like crazy, very thoroughly. Olivia’s room is almost ready. I just need to wash some clothes that are already clean, but they have been just sitting there for so long, I might as well wash them again. I just need to bring the rocking chair back into the room, and put the clothes away and prep my hospital bag. Then, she can come whenever! As it is right now, I am much more relaxed though. Even though the rest of the house is chaos, our room and her room, the washroom and the kitchen are good. And I’d say these are the most important areas for now.

Olivia is also big. She is hitting the 90% which is a bit scary to me as Helena was so much smaller. I am pretty much expecting her to come any time now. I just hope my mother will make it back to Canada in time!


We have been trying to spend as much time as possible with Helena. Really trying to get her to enjoy these last few weeks of an only child. I got her enrolled in a  couple of parented activities so she can spend extra quality time with us.

Last week, she turned 2. I cannot believe it still. It has been so intense. It is truly like they say, the days are long, but the years are short.

We threw a little birthday party to celebrate her birthday. We did it at the same place we did last year, but this time it was different because she truly got to enjoy it. She played with other kids, ate cake, sang happy birthday and blew the candles. OMG. She had a blast! And it made it all worth it! 11064735_10204115392705351_8526284882576475316_n

Love her so much even though she drives me crazy haha I feel like I have a twonager. OMG! She’s got so much attitude, she is so stubborn. It has been very emotionally draining dealing with her now. Sometimes I have no freaking clue what I am doing. But I try my best, and I believe things will work themselves out! She is also very funny. very intelligent! I can’t believe the things she does sometimes! She amazes me everyday. She is also very affectionate. She is always hugging mommy and daddy, and the cats! She is definitely extra happy now that she gets to see Dan every day. She loves it when he reads for her at bedtime. She is definitely daddy’s girl!


Very, very happy to have Dan back home. When he started working out of town, Helena was only 7 months old. Now she just turned 2! It was a long time. Now that he is home everyday, renos seem to have picked up a good pace. But I don’t think we will be fully done before Olivia arrives. He has changed the carpet in all three bedrooms, is almost done painting. This week he will prep our backyard for the contractor to come and build our deck. I am really excited about having a deck. As it is now, our furniture is just all over the place in the backyard. I wanted it to look nicer and to be more practical with the kids.

Speaking of backyard, I have pimped ours with lots of toys for Helena. OMG. I am so thankful for warm days. We go outside and Helena plays so much while I chill in the hammock. Then all I have to do is feed her and send her to bed haha It is very helpful when you are 35 weeks pregnant. All I want to do is lay down all the time.11209627_10204106470322297_5295209901581767581_n

We also went for a maternity mini-sessions. Regular sessions are so expensive nowadays and, really, we don’t need a ton of photos. Not to mention that a 40-minute long session with Helena is not realistic. Our mini-session was perfect for us. It was quick (only 15 minutes long), it was cheap ( we picked the price!!!) and we got 9 photos. I was very pleased with the quality of the photos too. I just can’t wait to hang a couple of them on the wall.

We were also very blessed with the opportunity to buy an apartment. My mom will be staying it in when she comes for visits since we fight too much under the same roof. I am looking forward to this experience. It will be nice to know what it would be like to drop Helena off at grandma’s lol11150386_10204086832751370_5042854137725653672_n

I really wish my parents would move here someday. Who knows, maybe this apartment will give them a taste of living in Canada.

I guess this is all for now! Perhaps next time I post it will be my birth story already! I am getting anxious to deliver. It is so different when you kind of know what to expect. I keep thinking about the pain sometimes. If it will be easier, or worse. Either way, I just hope everything goes well and I am looking forward to meeting our daughter!