36 weeks and counting!

I just can’t believe it! In only 2 days I will be 37 weeks which means Olivia will be a full-term baby!

10488253_10204224857361899_7285812256128836296_nFeeling really blessed to have made it this far and I hope everything continues to go on well!

I would say we are 99% ready! Bags are packed, clothes are washed … really I just need to do some organizing in her room now – it always gets messy when more things are brought in.

My sister-in-law was kind enough to throw me a baby shower this last weekend. It was a lot of fun and we were given lots of diapers!!!

Diapers are never too much, that is for sure!!!!

Last week I had an appointment. Olivia is still measuring 2 weeks ahead. Everything seems to be fine. Still dealing with a bad case of anemia … Still feeling lots of pain on and off so I, honestly, think I must be, at least, a couple of centimetres dilated already. I am going to see my doctors every week from now on, which means I have another appointment coming up this week. This time they will be doing the swab and checking my cervix. Looking forward to finding out if there is any progress already.


As for next week, my mom should arrive Wednesday and I’m hoping baby will hang on until then because I will really need her help.

Then, I am supposed to have yet one more ultrasound appointment next Friday. I don’t recall having these many when I was expecting Helena…

Still haven’t decided on her middle names which has been on my mind a lot. It is like Dan says, we used all of our creativity when naming Helena hahaha

Reno’s are still not done…….. Deck is built though and it has been very useful to be honest.

I was hoping Dan could be done with the flooring before Olivia arrives, but I really doubt it is going to be the case . I mean, he has a full-time job, and other commitments … it is unfortunate he will not accept help.

Mother’s Day was relaxing. We didn’t do much because I was feeling a lot of pain that day. We did go go the waterpark for a couple of hours because our tickets would expire…It’d be a waste of money. Dan spent most of the time with Helena while I chilled in the pool. He also gave me a prenatal massage gift card which was great. I had been wanting to go for one for the longest time, but, unfortunately, the massage wasn’t as good as I had hoped for. I think the lady who massaged me was doing deep tissue massage so it was really painful 😦 11147854_10204162459481991_3230341285527281892_n

Other than that, just trying to enjoy these last few days as a mom of one child, trying to rest as much as possible which has been hard since I wake up at 4 am every morning now – I have  no freaking clue why – then I can’t go back to sleep!!!

Trying to spend lots of quality time with Helena. She is absolutely in love with the weather. Loves being outdoors. As soon as she wakes up she grabs her shoes and our shoes because she wants to go to the backyard haha She is a summertime junkie!

You can imagine, I can barely keep up with her ! Thank God Dan is home everyday because he can keep up with her rhythm !

Family of 3 soon to be a family of 4!

Family of 3 soon to be a family of 4!


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