My due date has come and gone, and still no sign of baby.

I can’t express how frustrated and anxious I am!

 I think the worst part is the fact that I am not even dilated at all!!!

At my appointment, yesterday, they said that if Olivia is not born by my next appointment, June 18, they will do a membrane sweep and “fill the induction paperwork”.

Induction …

I can’t believe I am hearing these words! I don’t want to have to be induced! I have read so many stories of women being induced and not dilating, then their babies went in distress and had to have an emergency c-section. I really DON’T want to have a c-section! 

I have done everything ( safe ) I could possibly do to get baby out! I am feeling so emotional, and to be honest, a bit sad. A lot of things are not the way I thought they would be right now, and although I’ve accepted it, I can’t help feeling sad.

Like the house, for example. Still some reno left to do, still a mess. What bothers me the most is not being able to get certain things done myself. Having to wait on others suck !!!!

Having my mom here has been great help, and her having her own space made things even better. She can do all the cleaning she wants in her apartment! But now she is sick, and I am worried about it. Not to mention she might need to leave earlier than planned in order to receive the proper health care.

It feels like I have been re-living the same day over and over again. 

Nothing is moving forward!!!!


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