Middle Names Reveal

Finally, we have settle on middle names!

Well, I had to pretty much impose it, though. I had these two names picked out for over a week, and Dan kept asking for more time to think… Like 9 months and 11 days wasn’t enough!

I hadn’t liked the names he suggested, and asked him to suggest others, and he just wouldn’t! Kept asking for more time.

So, I finally sad “that’s it, we gotta make this decision now!”

For lack of counter offers, we settled on my names !

Name reveal

Both Olivia and Laura are just names I like. I think they look and sound cute, feminine. Suely is my mom’s middle name which I thought would “roll” better with the other two names than her first name !!!

Choosing names is definitely a pain in the ….. I am glad to be done having kids and choosing names LOL


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