48 days

Told ya time goes by even faster with 2 kids now!

It has been 48 days since we welcomed Olivia into our lives!


not happy to get older

It is funny, though, how time can be so relative! Sometimes it feels like 48 seconds, especially when I look at her and see how quickly she has changed and evolved already. Rolling from back to front, holding her head … 

Sometimes it feels like 48 years, as in I can’t recall what life was like before she was here. Actually, before BOTH of them were here.

It is cliché, I know, but life would be so boring, meaningless without them! 

Take this summer, for instance! We have been out and about, having so much fun! Before they exhisted, 80% of our free time would be spent in front of a screen. We would waste so much time just trying to figure out what to do.

I want my kids to look back someday and feel good about their childhood. I want them to remember how much fun they had growing up. Obviously, there are bad moments, too, which  always brings along a life lesson with them, so they, too, are important!

I love my baby girls so much! 

Helena is finally over her jealousy! It seems like there were three stages.

First, she was excited about her sister . A feeling of novelty, perhaps? Which lasted a few days.

Then she realized that baby wasnt going anywhere, which brought us to the second stage! She was constantly mad at me. She was able to associate the (brief) disappearance of my belly (I’m fat again, already lol) to the appearance of baby. To her, I was a traitor! This lasted a few weeks.  She was extra attached to daddy which, in turn, led us to the third phase! She would snap when Dan would have Olivia!

Now, nearly 7 weeks later, she has been wonderful! She doesn’t snap out of jealousy anymore! Sometimes she does ask us to put the baby away because she wants us to play or dance with her, but she doesn’t freak out.

When Olivia cries, Helena tries to help! She rocks the baby, gives her the pacifier… The other day I caught her giving  Olivia a bottle! It was the cutest thing ever!

She is such a loving big sis! I am so proud of her! 

Helena doesn’t talk much yet, but, in the last month or so, she had a crazy spike in her vocabulary. I’m pretty positive it is due to the fact that she has been socializing a lot!

I think it is abaolutely adorable that her friend, our next door neighbor, comes looking for her almost everyday to play with her outside. She loves it too!! So excited when he is at the door!

All of this makes me extra excited about her starting pre-school this fall! It is only once a week, which will be a nice break for me, but I am not gonna lie – I miss her already! It wasnt too long ago she was my 48-day old baby! 

Last Monday, the three of us had appointments. My 6-week appointment and paeditrician to the girls!

As a parent, it is always relieving to hear everything is ok with our kids!

Olivia was already at 10lbs even. Helena is still petite, at 25lbs, but the doctor said no to worry! It is just who she is! A petite girl! I don’t care what she looks like as long as she is healthy. 


There was a time I did care about people’s constant comments on her size because I thought it meant something was wrong or I was doing something wrong. Now that I know it is not the case, I dont care.


Olivia has some rash on her body, mostly on her face. I thought it was heat rash because it looks worse when she is really hot, but doc said it is most likely eczema. She also said it is normal in the first months. 

Other than that, I’m just trying to get more and more time alone with my girls to ease into this reality because my mom will leave soon enough.

I think I am doing much better at juggling two kids at once. Unfortunately, in order to get certain things done, it does take a little bit of not rushing to them whenever they cry.

I’m certainly proud of how much I can do on my own with them.

I’m also glad I got to have some alone time. I went to the movies twice with other moms ( MAGIC MIKE both times lol)! And to the salon with my mom! 

I’m still very sleep deprived, not so much because of Olivia, but mostly from anxiety! I cant just shut my mind off. It is constanly running!

I askedy my doc to put me on meds for a bit. This postpartum anxiety is a bitch! Excuse my language! I am a naturally anxious person, but it is definitely worse now! 

I’m fantasizing about an 8-hour uninterrupted sleep. I’m the only one on night-shift… Hopefully the pills will help me relax enough to get a better sleep, quality wise.

Dan finished changing the living-room flooring. There is still a bit of renos to be done, but I’m not stressing over it anymore.

 My goal is to get the house to look as good as possible, and be happy with it!

We have had out first guests in 7 months!!

I’m looking forward to having more playdates! Helena loves having friends to play with (duh! I know!).

 I guess that’s all for now!

My inspiration to write is gone! I am going to go back to facebook before I get too bored!

We are on our way to Midale, Saskatchewan.

 About a 13-hour drive!

Crazy, I know! 

Wish me luck!


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