My Big Sister-To-Be Part II

Helena is a very helpful little girl. Whenever we are cleaning she tags along and wants to participate. As a matter of fact, assigning her a task is the only way to get things done, most times.

I wanted to take advantage of this. I wanted to both show her my appreciation for her help and stimulate her to continue to be this way. Right now, it is all fun and games to her, but eventually chores are going to be “lame”. So, I decided to start her on a chores chart. Yes, I do realize how young she is and that she will not “get” the concept right away, but my initial goal is not to make her understand. My initial goal is to get her familiar with participating and helping around the house so that, when she does begin to comprehend things, it will be natural to her.IMG_2305

I also decided to start her on a money/allowance jar. Once again, she is too young to understand what money is about, but that is not the goal. The goal is for her to associate money with work and contributing.  Long story short, I don’t want her to be spoiled like me hahaha

As of now, the money itself means nothing to her, but she LOVES throwing her dime in her piggy bank haha.  And that is good enough for me for now.


How did I select the chores that would go on her chart? I observed her. I noticed what sorts of things she was already doing and this is what went on to the chart. I don’t want to have her do more than she can. The goal is not to exploit her or to get her to actually  clean something. The goal is to lay a foundation, a mindset.

So, here is her current chores chart.

Helena' Chores Chart

Helena’ Chores Chart

In case you can’t read it on the photo, her chores are:

– To make her bed,

– To take her dishes to the sink or dishwasher,

– To feed the cats,

– To help bring groceries in ( light stuff, obviously),

– To put her toys away,

– To help unload the dishwasher ( her own dishes, which is plastic and light, therefore, safe)

– To throw her garbage in garbage can ( wrappings from her food and stuff)

– To dust ( she LOVES using the duster LOL)

Picking up Her toys

Picking up Her toys

She will make $0.10 a day for completing her chores which adds up to only $36.50 a year. So, really, it is not about the money.

So far, it has been going well. I help her whenever she is having a hard time completing her task, for whatever reason, but mostly she does it on her own.

It has actually been really fun!

Putting her toys away

Putting her toys away



My big sister-to-be Part I

My baby is growing too fast sniff sniff

My baby is growing too fast sniff sniff

A while back I read an article about getting your child ready to welcome a sibling. The article suggested all major changes to take place in your toddler’s life, in preparation for welcoming the newest family member, should happen up to 2 months before baby’s arrival. Well, we don’t know exactly when that is going to be. It could be in 16 weeks, or sooner. So, since we got back from Mexico, we have been working on all of the necessary transitions. My very first goal was to transition Helena from her crib, which Olivia will inherit, to a toddler bed. I was a bit nervous about it wondering if I were rushing things, if Helena was truly ready for it, if she could get hurt somehow. But, we decided to go ahead anyway. Worst case scenario she would be going back to her crib.

Looking for her bed at Ikea

Looking for her bed at Ikea

We made it a big event! We went to Ikea, had Helena test – drive some beds, had a nice meal there! We kept telling her how she is going to be a big sister and her sister will be inheriting her crib so now she got a brand new bed. We also got a small wardrobe because her room doesn’t have much storage. Unfortunately, we could not build her furniture right away because we had to wait until Dan was back home from work. The day arrived! Dan started to build Helena’s new furniture. She grabbed her tools and tagged along to help daddy haha She participated through the whole thing. She helped us organize her new closet, clean her room, put her mattress on the bed, put sheets and covers on the bed. At the end of the day, I just could not believe how excited she was with her new room. She was electric! She would go in and out bed, play with her toys.

Helping daddy build her furniture

Helping daddy build her furniture

When it was bedtime, we talked to her and explained that now she was going to sleep in her bed and no longer in the crib. I could tell she was a little nervous about sleeping in a new environment so I stayed with her until she fell asleep. The first night was great! She slept through it and didn’t fall off or anything. It has been this great since, the only problem was that she now expected us to stay in her room until she would fall asleep, and I did not want her to be dependent on that to sleep. It was hard to break this habit – amazing how it took only one time to get her hooked on it – but we finally managed. Dan noticed that leaving her door a bit open was enough to comfort her. Now, we leave it open and then she gets up and closes it on her own, goes back to bed and sleeps haha What I have loved the most about all this is how much she adores her room. As a parent, it is really gratifying to see your kid this happy with something you envisioned for them. She loves hanging out in her room during the day and that has even facilitated nap time. There were times we would put her in her crib for her nap and she would just cry. Now, we take her to her room and she plays a bit then goes to bed for her nap on her own! I can’t begin to explain how much time it saves us not having to deal with nap time tantrums anymore. At the same day we bought her bed and wardrobe, we also got her a toddler table with a couple of chairs. The idea was to use it for crafts and what not, but she decided she wanted to have her meals there too. It has been another blessing! She has been eating so much better since we got her this table. She enjoys eating like we, adults, do. She enjoys taking her plate to the table and eating with the freedom to get up and not be stuck like she would be in her high chair.  She takes us by the hand and invites us to sit with her. She loves eating with us at her table. When she is done, she dumps her garbage in the can and takes her dishes to the sink. She is so proud of herself she starts to clap haha I am so glad this has been a smooth transition!!! IMG_2313This whole experience has been bittersweet! It is so nice to see your kid growing and reaching milestones, but it is bitter to see how fast time goes by. I cant believe she will be 2 in about 2 months. I really miss her newborn self sometimes. When you have a newborn it is so exhausting and demanding that it feels like it will never end, but now I can realize how quick the newborn stage is. I will certainly try and enjoy Olivia’s newborn stage as much as possible especially because we don’t intend to have anymore kids!

Eating at her big girl table

Eating at her big girl table

Family Trip to Mexico < Part II: The Trip

Medano Beach in San Lucas

Medano Beach in San Lucas

I still miss the warmth of the sun on my skin and the ability to wear nothing but a dress before going outside.

This trip to Mexico reinforced the feeling that I have had since last summer. I don’t want to live in this cold a place forever. Especially after having a kid, it is so much easier for all of us when it is warm outside. The ability to go to a spray-park or to the backyard and have the kids just play and have a good time. It is boring to do that indoors for so many long moths during the year.


Having fun at the pool with vovó

Our resort was packed with Canadians, lots of them from Alberta. There must have been a targeted promotion or something. It felt like an elderly home though, to be honest, because there were so many people over 60 there. This means the resort was pretty quiet which was good. Helena had a blast, seriously, from the 4 of us she is the one who had the most fun. We would wake up and go to the restaurant to have breakfast. From there, we would go back to our rooms to change and what not. Helena would grab her float or life vest and run to the door. She wanted to go to the pool. Later in the day, we would have lunch and little lady would go for a nap. Then we would get ready to have dinner. During dinner time, there would always be something going on like karaoke or live music. Helena would dance and dance and dance. She was devastated every time we would go back to our rooms. She’d keep asking to go back downstairs to dance haha.


Enjoying the outdoors with daddy

Los Cabos is absolutely beautiful,  blessed with a breathtaking landscape. A few months ago they were hit by a hurricane and they were still working on the damage left behind. Many resorts were still closed. Many establishments were still undergoing renovations. There is something else interesting about that place, something we did not know before we booked our trip. Many beaches are closed to swimming. Yes, they tide at those locations is just too strong, so people are told not to go in. That was the case of the beach right in front of our resort. Beautiful, but useless. This fact doesn’t bother many people as they don’t really care about going in, but I care about that. I love water activities. So, we had to look for swimmable beaches. Everybody made it sound like it was so easy to get there. It is not that it was hard, but it took us forever to find the first one we went to. This time, I did not actually go in. Dan and Helena did. I just chilled under the sun and had some yummy food. The next time we went to the beach, I got in. It a different beach. This one, unlike the first one, had no restaurants or chairs, no businesses. It was just the water and the sand which was great. Dan and I snorkelled a bit. I tried to get my mom to do it too, but she got to scared so she was done in like 2 minutes. I could not believe how many beautiful fishes were right there, not too far from the shore. It is absolutely addicting. I wish I could do that everyday. The water was freaking cold, but it was still wonderful. That was another interesting thing about Los Cabos to me. I have been to Cancun before and it was absolutely hot. Los Cabos, on the other hand, had a desert-like weather. At night it would get chilly, and during the day it was nice and warm. But not too hot tho. I don’t remember feeling overly hot there which is great. During the morning, it was a bit cold to go straight to the pool. We’d wait a bit, until around 10 am, to finally have the guts to go in. And even then, we would go to the hot tub first.

McDonald's destroyed by hurricane

McDonald’s destroyed by hurricane

This trip was different from our trip to Jamaica. We were newlyweds, we had time and energy to do so much. We went on a different excursion everyday. This time around we were very limited – being with a toddler and me being pregnant. We couldn’t many of the excursions offered. One thing I really wanted to do, but could not this time around was to dive. I love it.

So, basically we spent lots of time at the resort, did some sight-seeing of our own as we rented a car, went on a whale watching excursion which was amazing btw, ate lots of food. Next time, we intend to leave Helena and Olivia with grandma.


Our little family at the Marina in San Lucas

Family Trip to Mexico > Part I: FLYING

So, we are back from Mexico. Time flies when we are having a good time, indeed!

It was a fun trip, but far from relaxing. All I know is we won’t be doing much flying and travelling like that with 2 toddlers.

I had been dreading the idea of having to fly with Helena for 5 hours especially now that she is this super hyper toddler. I knew that no matter how prepared I would be with games and snacks, she would not be able to not run around for so many hours. My mom told me it would be easier this time because we were three adults watching only one kid. I knew in my heart it wasn’t that simple. I had talked to a friend about my concern with flying with Helena and she told me another mom she knows had recently got back from a trip to Mexico and used melatonin to get her kid to relax during the flight. This kid is Helena’s age. My mom and I did not feel good about the idea of using medication, but I read about it anyway. I found out it is a natural medication that does not require prescription. Also, it does not cause any harm if used sporadically. The continuous use could cause some harm and dependency. We were obviously not planning to use that every day, so I was relaxed about the idea of using it as a back up plan in case she would freak right out during the flight.


So, here is how I prepared to flying with a 21- month-old toddler:

a) Downloaded some toddler apps to the ipad.

I did a little research, first, on the best apps for someone her age. I got a couple of apps for drawing, a couple of educational apps that teach the little one to spell and to count and a couple of other games.

b) Downloaded some cartoons to the ipad. She loves Dora and Sponge Bob, her new passion, so I downloaded about 12 episodes of each.

c) Bought a colouring book and some crayons

d) Packed her favourite snacks

The plan was to get her as tired as possible prior to flying.  Our flight to Mexico would leave at around 10 a.m, a time of the day in which is she is far from being tired. We got her to bed really late the night before hoping she would be tired the next morning. She was somewhat tired when she woke up, but she napped on our way to the airport which means her batteries were fully recharged ! As it was an international flight, we got to the airport extra early which allowed us enough time to get her tired again. We walked around the airport with her and got her to play at the kid’s play area. By the time we had to board, she was super tired so she was really fussy – which was not good. I kept wondering if I should give her the melatonin, but I was hesitant.

When we finally boarded, she was hyper again, but as a consequence of being overtired, I suppose. We tried to calm her down, but the hurt in her ears from take-off did not help much. That was it, she blew up! Tantrum full force was unleashed. Nothing could calm her down, and we couldn’t walk with her because they were already serving foods and drinks. She did not want to be with anyone else but Dan which did not help much. We decided it was time to give her the melatonin. I broke the pill in 3 pieces and gave her 1/3 of it. Actually, it was less than that as I was not able to break it evenly. After that, I suggested that Dan should try and go to the back of the plane with her to both keep us from getting the nasty looks and also because the back of the plane is loud and I thought it could work as white noise. Dan managed to squeeze through the food carts and got to the back of the plane. I could still hear her crying faintly, so I could not sit back and relax. I managed to squeeze through too. When I got to them Helena threw herself at me, and I comforted her in my arms and she fell asleep right away. We waited until they could make room for us to walk to our seats again. Helena slept for about 2 hours to 2 hours and a half.  She slept on me the whole time so I could not move at all which was uncomfortable, but it was a price I was willing to pay. When she woke up we still had about an hour and a half to go. She wasn’t hyper tho, she was fairly relaxed which worked out great because the games, tv shows and snacks were enough to keep her busy until the end of the flight.


Overall, it was a good flight. Even though the beginning was rocky, it was good to have those 2 hours of break. I wondered how much the melatonin had helped because I had given her so little of it.

The flight back home was booked for 4 p.m so I was a bit more hopeful it would be a better flight. We tried to get Helena as busy as possible during the day at the resort. We took her to the pool and played with her.  Once again we got to the airport super early and Dan and my mom played with her up to the point we had to board. Our flight was almost an hour late which sucked big time. She was super tired, but not grumpy this time. We decided to give her the melatonin before she would get too distressed. It is hard on every one when she gets to the point, especially on herself. So, we wanted to avoid it as much as possible. We gave her 1/3 of melatonin again as soon as we got to settle in our seats. She watched the plane’s tv for a bit then she fell asleep.  Once again, she slept for about 2 hours and a half. Once again she slept on me. I wasn’t feeling well at all though, but this will be the topic of another post . I tried to get her to sleep on my mom and dan for a bit too, but it didn’t really work so she woke up. But, once again, the games and tv shows were enough to keep her busy until we got home. I thought the long nap would keep her from going to sleep once we’d get home, but we had no problems getting her to sleep. She was exhausted.

I don’t know how much effect the melatonin had on her, and I know some people are against using medication on kids during flights – I know I was this person before. But, I don’t regret using it. I believe something natural like melatonin could only become a problem and a harm if used frequently which is definitely not our case. Like everything else in life, excess is the problem.  I am glad she had a relaxing flight because it must be really hard on a little one to feel that stressed and constrained.

Above all, I am glad she did fine during our flight back home because I thought I was freaking dying. Imagine if on top of that she was freaking out too.

A 6-Month Vacation

I am so glad to say we are officially DONE nursing!

My goal was to get Helena off nursing before baby number 2 would come around as I really wanted a break between the two.

It is a relief to know I will have about 6 months free from nursing. It will certainly help me recharged my batteries before I start nursing again.

I am so proud of myself. Nursing is certainly not an easy task, and I could never imagine I would come this far.

When I started to wean her off it wasn’t actually hard. I believe I made it harder because I was so used to using nursing at times of difficulty to soothe her, to get her to sleep. At times I should have stick to no nursing, I gave in and nursed just to make my life easier.

Then I realized it wasn’t fair to Helena when she wanted to nurse  and I would deny her, but then nurse her when it was convenient for me. So, I finally managed to stick to the plan.

I know some people look up online ways to wean baby off, but we really didn’t do that. There were specific times and places that would trigger Helena’s want to nurse, so, knowing ahead of time WHEN she would want to nurse helped us figure things out. The sippy cup was the most important tool in this process. Whenever she would want to nurse, we’d have a sippy cup ready for her. For about a week or so, Helena would cry because she really wanted to nurse.

Then, I would give her a cup to be with her all day. I would always make sure it had something in it like juice or milk. I noticed she transferred the attachment she had towards nursing to the sippy cup. She would carry it with her throughout the house and drink from it whenever she wanted. Slowly, she forgot about nursing.

But there was still one thing to overcome. During the mornings, when Helena’d wake up, I would bring her to our bed just to buy me another half hour of laziness in bed. At this time, there is no sippy cup or juice or milk that would replace mommy. She wanted to nurse and that is all she would take. I started to hug her really tight and rub her back when she was freaking out because she wanted to nurse and couldn’t . Eventually, she would try to nurse and when she would realize she wasn’t gonna get any, she herself would take the initiative to hug me and ask me to rub her back.

I thought it was very interesting how cuddling replaced nursing in the morning. I guess it goes to show nursing is really a lot about bonding and affection. Lately, I have just been skipping bringing her to bed at all. I figured a change in our routine would help this big change in her little world. After all, she has known nursing since the very first minutes of her life.

With next baby, however, I want to start the weaning process a bit earlier. I really want to be done by the time baby is about 14 months or so. Their little teeth make nursing so much more uncomfortable, at least for myself.

I hope this experience of mine can help someone out there who might be struggling with weaning baby off .


Flying … with a toddler – Part I

Last month, I and Helena flew no less than 10 times. I said, TEN TIMES. Yep, you read it right.

This number is the result of the combination of our unexpected flight to Vancouver and our much expected trip to Brazil.

I believe I experienced every possible scenario one can experience flying with a toddler.

Let me tell ya, it wasn’t easy. 

There were things I wish I had known ahead of time, and this is why I am here now. If you are going to fly with your little one any time soon, I truly hope this post can be of some help to you!

Scenario #1 –  Flying Solo with my L.O

I wish flying to Vancouver had not been so easy. It gave me this false impression that flying with Helena was always going to be that smooth. Lesson number 1: each flight is one of a kind.

On our way to Vancouver, the plane was almost empty. There were lots of spare seats, and so, Helena and I had three seats to ourselves. I sat on the aisle, and Helena had two seats all to herself. I had brought lots of toys and snacks with me to keep her busy and happy. Snacks were really important to get Helena to keep on chewing during take-off and landing in order to keep her from crying due to discomfort in her ears.

That was a smooth, quick flight. Truthfully, our return flight should have, probably, been even easier had the flight attendant not been so “passionate” to correct my seat position. Helena had been sleeping for most of the flight, but, when we were close to landing, the flight attendant noticed that my seat was reclined. I was expecting her to simply let me know I should put it back to the upright position and allow me to do so myself, as Helena was asleep in my arms, but, instead, she pushed it up herself very abruptly. Keep in mind she is in the aisle and I am on the window… It was not smooth at all and, of course, Helena freaked out and screamed for the rest of the flight. 

This time, there were two people seating next to us: a really nice young lady, and an a$$h@le. The a-hole had no problem in demonstration his frustration. He pushed his fingers into his ears so deeply I thought he was about to burst his eardrums. He had this horrible facial expression as if he had just started to experience the first symptoms of food poisoning. I was so mad at him for making me feel this uncomfortable. Does he really think I was enjoying any of that? Does he not realize she was in my very arms and the screaming was so much more stereo, surround sound to me than anyone else? I asked him, but thanks to Helena’s screaming he did not hear me, if he had been born that old already. Had he never been a freaking child before?

Either way, two completely different experiences flying alone with Helena. The return flight was so traumatizing I did not want to fly alone with her ever again.

Scenario 2Flying with L.O and Hubby in three seats.

You are probably thinking that must’ve been the greatest flight yet. Nope, that was not the one yet.

I was amazed to find out how misleading having three seats was. I had booked two seats for us in the very last row of the plane as I wanted to make sure we were going to bother the least possible number of people on the plane if Helena was to freak out. We were on the plane for only about 5 minutes when a nice gentleman offered to switch seats with us. He was in the middle row, which has three seats available, all by himself and figured it would be more comfortable for us if we had the extra seat.

I truly appreciated the gesture, but it turned out to be hell. It was more roomy, yes, but not “roomier” enough to get anything done. We could not find comfortable positions and Helena wanted to nurse constantly. Whenever I’d try to lie her down on the middle seat between us, she would freak out. 

We were exhausted.

But, eventually, we had a decent flight. We did fly when we were in Brazil, but they were shorter flights, easier to handle. 

The best flight yet though … Well, that one story and a list of tips for flying with LO.

Well, that one is coming up on my next post!

I really got to get to bed now!

Can you tell I was exhausted?

Can you tell I was exhausted?

Tantrum Survival Guide

It has been so long since I posted last time, and there is a lot of catching up to do, but we will save that for later.

For now, I would like to share how I managed to make it through the day today.

Helena, now 13 months-old, is surprisingly stubborn and needy. Perhaps I was naïve, but I was so NOT expecting to deal with the kind of things I have been dealing lately. I had heard of the “terrible twos”, but I had never heard of the what I have dubbed as the please-put-a-bullet-through-my-head ones. 

It has been one of those days today. But today, instead of zoning out by surfing the web, I tried different things and I am so glad to say it worked! I decided to share them right away because there might be someone out there right now in need of some suggestions!!!

In order to survive a terrible tantrum in which your little one will not stop crying and screaming right in your ears, you will need the following tools:


A bottle of water

Yes. Some, or a LOT of, water can do wonders for you. Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in this refreshing fluid of the Gods!

Don’t drink it in a hurry. Take breaks and take deep breathes. This is why I love this giant bottle of water !




 Wireless Headphones

IMG_9133I know it sounds terrible, but we are going to block all of that madness by throwing some headphones on. I highly recommend wireless ones because, trust me, you do not want your child pulling on those wires when you are that stressed already!




Play some music

Once you’ve got your wireless headphones on, throw some music on. But not just any music. Play the kind of music that gets you singing out loud – perhaps even dancing!

IMG_7026In my case, I tune into some rock, something that beats really hard in my ears and that I can scream and shake my head … Just give it!

If you want to play this kind of music, but you are not sure which artists to choose, here is a picture of some of the artists I listen to!


And last, but not least …



Treat yourself to something sweet


Since it is summer and it is a bit warm in here today, I gave myself a mini Magnum. It is half the size and half the calorie. Oh boy, it certainly did help with my stress!





You must be wondering “What will my kid be doing meanwhile?”. Well, most likely screaming. But this is a not a long process, takes about 1 minute . Of course, just make sure your little one is in a safe spot while you gather your survival tools.

Once you have your music on, savour your treat. When you are done, resume interacting with your child. Try and find things for you two to do together. Today, Helena and I coloured a book together. And you do it while still listening to your songs – and preferably singing out loud! Yes, singing is the channel from which you will be able to release all the tension that has built up while your little one was screaming her/his lungs out !

I'm so proud of my colouring skills lol this is so relaxing!!

I’m so proud of my colouring skills lol this is so relaxing!!

Let me know if it helps you! I really hope it helps you like you helped me !!

Fun Things To Do in Edmonton (and Area) for Moms with Babies … Part I

So many things go thru your  mind when you find out you’re expecting! A lot of doubt and questions, but one thing you know FOR SURE: you will spend a lot of time indoors. Or will you ?

Well, you don’t have to !

This is the basic concept most people have. You sure need some time to adjust to your new life, your new routine, to HEAL !! But as time goes by, it is up to YOU whether you will be home or not.

Helena was only 4 days old when we went to the restaurant for the first time with her. And only about 2 weeks old when we went on our first road trip to Calgary: I WAS DRIVING !!

The idea to be home ALL THE TIME depressed the life out of me. Plus, I saw my little bundle of joy as my BFF, someone I can hang out with, keep me company.

I was extremely surprised and happy when I realized how much there is to do as a mom here in Edmonton. Really, if you look it up online you will be in awe, too.

I won’t list every single thing out there. Just the ones I personally know and can vouche for!


#1  My Most Favoritest  One of All Places !!!! The Movie Theatre: Stars & Strollers

You can tell I love this one just by the excessive use of superlative haha But yeah. Three of Cineplex Theatres have sessions meant for moms and babies/toddlers. Each theatre has its own schedule, but they all have a few things in common:

– Choice of two new movies every week

– A baby friendly environment

– Lowered volume and dimmed lighting

– Change table

– Stroller Parking Available in select theatres

Here’s the schedule:

Cineplex Odeon North & ScotiaBank have their Stars & Strollers sessions on Wednesdays at 1 p.m

Cineplex Odeon South has its Stars & Strollers sessions on Thursdays at 1 P.M.


I have only been to S&S at Cineplex Odeon North and the Scotiabank one. The only difference I found was that the change table at the north one is in the washroom whereas, at Scotiabank, the change table is right out the door and it is filled with supplies such as diapers, wipes, hand gel and so on … as seen on the picture below. I myself took this picture on my way out.




#2 My Second Most Favoritest Place to spend time: Java Mama in Saint Albert

Did you think you could NOT go for coffee anymore now that you have a baby? Well, think again.

Java Mama is a baby/toddler friendly coffee shop for moms !! Watch your kid play as you’re having some coffee and catching up with your friends. There is a toddler area and a baby area that has exersaucers and other toys.

The pic bellow is of Helena having a blast while I, my mom and my friend had breakfast!



# 3 My Third Most Favoritest Thing to do: Swimming !!!


Millenium Place is a wonderful place to go for a swim with baby. It is a very family oriented rec centre, it has baby friendly pools, and great family rooms to change, and whatnot, keeping the family together !!

Now, if you are interested in Swim Lessons, you can get your baby started at as early as 4 months of age. Our lessons took place in Sherwood Park, at the Kinsmen Leisure Centre. We signed up online on It was about $40.00.

I will be honest with you: you will spend more time in the change room than in the pool, but it is still A LOT OF FUN and totally worth it. Your baby will have a blast in the water, socialize and your little one will get more and more familiar with being in water and taking baths at home.


# 4 My Fourth Most Favoritest Thing To Do: Mommy Groups !!!


I was part of two different mommy groups: Mommy Connections & New Mom’s Group.

The first one is run by a fellow mother and we get to socialize with other moms, we learn new things and our babies get to socialize. It was a good experience. It cost $85 for 6 weeks, meeting once a week.

New Mom’s group is run by Alberta Health Services. It served the very same purpose as mommy connections, but in my opinion is much better for a few reasons. First because it was cheaper since their weekly meetings, a total of 6, cost ONLY $30.

Second because it was run by a nurse and every lecture was EXTREMELY informative and detailed. And third reason, well, it was $30 bucks !!! It is so cheap I count it twice haha

The pic bellow is of Helena at Mommy Connections. She had just taken her feet print !!!!




One thing is for sure: You need to get out of the house. I find that doing fun things with my baby helped us bond even more. Plus, it will keep you from falling into PPD.

I hope this quick post can be as informative as it can possibly be and that it may give you ideas of things you can do!


Is there any other special thing you do or places you go with your little one?? I would love to hear some suggestions !!

The last four months …

The last five months have the best and the fastest ones of my life.

Everything everyone said to me before I had kids turned out to be true, but the truth is that we can’t fully comprehend what those words truly mean until you yourself experience motherhood ( or parenthood, for that matter).

It is very tough, very exhausting, sometimes you want to scream, sometimes you want to hide. The greatest and longest vacation you will be taking are solo trips to the supermarket.

Now you must be thinking I am unhappy and regretful I decided to have a kid.

Well, it is quite the opposite. I have never been this happy before, this fulfilled. This happiness is not only about how beautiful and smart our kids are, or how much meaning they’ve brought into our lives… it is also about the fact that we seem to have found an endless source of energy and will to enjoy life. All of a sudden we truly mean it when we try to do better each day, be a better person.

Of course, there days and night that seem endless. Baby is gassy, fussy, and you are tired, in need of sleep. But these nights and days are a drop of water in the happiness ocean.

Helena will be turning 6 months old in 8 days ! We have done and experienced so many things already !

I was amazed when I realized there’s this amazing network, a community, of mothers. Groups, places to go, things to do.

I had never felt part of a group as strongly as I feel right now.

I will be posting about some things you can do, places you can go and groups in can join in the Edmonton & Area Community !

As for Meu Amor ( that’s how I call Helena sometimes), she is doing great.

People are constantly telling me how advanced she is, how bright she is. Well, I obviously agree ! But I don’t know if it is just the fact that this new generation is obviously smarter than the previous ones, or if she is truly advanced for age. Regardless, I am so so so grateful to God that she was born a healthy, happy , easy baby. It cannot get any better than this.

It is hard for me to see her as a baby anymore. I can only see her as a toddler because she is this energetic, participative, communicative tiny human that keeps me so much company. She obviously does not talk yet, but she certainly knows how to make her point! I know what she wants, when she is happy or annoyed … Anyway, she is amazing. I look forward to when she is older and we can hang out, have a girls day out to the spa and so on…

Firs time I witnessed Helena rolling around was on July 19th, she was only 3 months old.

First time she was able to sit completely unassisted was on September 6th, she was only 4 months.

Now at 5 months she can go from sitting to tummy and pushes herself to any direction, pushes herself far enough to reach for things.

Anyways, enough braggin’ haha.