19 weeks and counting … And we’re having a …

These last few days have been very busy and with ups and downs !!!

UC BABY_20My mom has finally arrived. So far, we are getting along fine.

Then, Dan’s grandpa got really sick and, unfortunately, he might pass at any time now. It is always hard dealing with a loss, but we want to focus on the long and prosperous life that he has lived. He would be turning 95 next week!!

Another sad thing that happened, that hit really close to home, was the fact that dan’s brother and his girlfriend, sadly, lost their baby, who was due to be born the same day as ours. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard the whole experience must have been, and I truly hope they can recover from it soon enough !

I got a little paranoid about losing our kid too. I don’t know. I guess just being due on the same day made me fear too. But, I have moved on from that feeling.

I just couldn’t wait any longer to find out if we are having a little boy or a little girl. So, I booked a gender determination 3D ultrasound appointment. Dan had to come back to town a bit earlier to see his grandpa, possibly, for the last time, so he was able to join us at the appointment.

So, there were me, Dan, Helena and my mom. We got there a bit early, and I started to ingest as much sugar as possible to make sure the baby would be moving during the session. Helena started crying when the lady started to scan my belly, I think she thought there was something wrong with me. But it wasn’t long until she could tell us that we are having a baby GIRL !! UC BABY_1

I wish I had recorded Dan’s reaction. Dan, my mom, my dad and my aunt were extremely confident it was a boy. I thought it was another girl all along, but their conviction made me doubt my senses at times. Dan just threw himself back on the chair, looking up at the ceiling and going like “ohhhh”. He was in shock haha

I was so glad that I had kept every little thing we ever bought Helena. We will certainly be saving some money.

My mom said to Dan that maybe next time it will be a boy and we were both like NOOOO!!  We love our babies, we love being parents, but 2 is all we can handle. We are glad our family will be complete soon.

One thing I find super interesting is that when we bought our house 3 years and a half ago, the family who owned this house had two girls. So, there was a girly yellow room and pink room. We never altered the rooms just in case we had a girl, or two,  for that matter. And, in case, we had a boy, we would change the room as needed. So, we are saving money on room decor, too, as we already have a girly room for our second baby girl.

I know I am talking a lot about savings, but I can’t help it. This pregnancy, compared to the last one, has been so  much cheaper haha  Dan said he is probably having 2 girls because he is cheap haha

Regardless, we have always known that the gender doesn’t matter. What truly matters is that the baby is healthy!

I just can’t believe that in a week time I’ll be halfway this pregnancy. It is going by crazy fast.

And now, to the hardest part: picking a freaking name!! I hate this part, honestly. Dan and I always disagree, and I always wonder if our kid  will hate the name we pick.

I have 5 names in mind. But there is one that really stands out. Dan is, currently, reflecting on it.  I hope he agrees because I just can’t wait to call her by her name !!!


12 weeks AND counting

Ah!! I can finally post again !!!

I did not mean to be gone for so long, but my computer broke down and it had to be shipped out to be repaired.

It was gone for nearly 4 weeks!!

During this time, I got to see my baby yay!! I actually saw baby 3 times.

The first time was a routine dating ultrasound which confirmed I was 7 weeks at the time.1507900_10203013148109925_2029658766427588307_n-1

I got to see and hear the heartbeat which is always so moving and exciting. Baby looked like a peanut still, which was expected. Everything seemed ok, but the doctor did tell me later at my appointment that there were signs of some bleeding. It must have been internal because at the time I had not had any bleeding.

A few days later, I started having some heavy bleeding. It was a period-like flow. I freaked out because I had never experienced that much bleeding in my previous pregnancy. I ended up going to the emergency. They couldn’t find out what was causing the bleeding and told me to get a lot of rest. That day at the emerg I got to see the baby for the second time, but, obviously, they did not give me any pics.

So, I came home and tried to rest as much as it is possible to rest when you have to care for a 18-month-old baby girl. The bleeding decreased throughout time, but I kept spotting for a few days.

Now it is totally gone, thank God. I was so stressed!!!

Then, last week I got to see baby one more time. It was the Nuchal Translucency ultrasound, the one that tries to detect issues like drown syndrome. This time Dan got to join me and, finally, saw our baby for the first time. I think baby knew daddy was there because he/she was so hyper. The baby would not stop moving, spinning, jumping. It was so funny. This time baby looked less like a peanut and more like a human. 10606264_10203155546269790_5278820385723258768_n

I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going by. Being busy with Helena, the house, hubby and everything else makes me forget about counting time, which is good.

If it wasn’t for the constant nausea, the  lack of appetite, and the endless exhaustion, I would probably forget I am pregnant.

In about 7 weeks we will be able to find out the gender. In the beginning, I was really looking forward to it, but now I am not so sure. This will be the last baby, so, maybe having that big a surprise at the delivery room would be a nice way to wrap it up. But I do not know how long I can wait without knowing.

I find that knowing the gender of the baby helped me bond with baby when I was pregnant with Helena. Being able to decor the room, and buy things with the baby in mind was really nice. Be able to call it by its name rather than “baby”, it”, or “he/she”.

So, let’s see how that will turn out.

I feel like we are having another girl. Most of my relatives think it is a boy. We have already pretty much picked out a name for a boy. No clue what we will name the baby if it is another girl.

Anyways, this it for now.

3D Scan

Yesterday was a great day not only because it was the day we were going to have our 3D scan, but also because my cousin’s baby was born !

My cousin’s wife got pregnant a couple of months before I did and we developed this really strong bond throughout our pregnancies. Even though we live in different countries we managed to stay in touch and speak almost everyday. She is a wonderful person and I am so glad my cousin found a wonderful person to build a beautiful family with.

He was born during the time we were having our 3D scan at around 5 p.m. Welcome Miguel ! May you be showered with blessings !

Now, let’s talk about the scan. It was a wonderful experience. Amber, the lady who performed the scan, was a very sweet and patient person. Even though I had eaten chocolate on my way over there ( as I had been told to in order to get the baby active), it was really hard to get a nice view of her face at first as she was covering it with her arms all the time.

So, Amber and I started poking my belly to get the baby moving and it actually worked. We were finally able to get a nice view of her face and I think it gave us a pretty good idea of what she is going to look like when she is born.



Honestly, I think she looks 80% like daddy and only 20% like mommy. It is his forehead, his nose, his lips, his fingers and toes. The only features that look like mine are her chin and cheeks!


What do you think ?