27 weeks = Third Trimester – – – running out of time

WOW !!!


Bye, carpet!

Where did the second trimester go? I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going by. I wonder if each pregnancy feels faster than the previous one.

I guess I will never know. We are so done at 2!

I hadn’t felt anxious during this entire pregnancy so far. Now, I definitely am. Not to meet the baby ( not that I don’t want to), but I am anxious about getting things done before she gets here. We decided to do some reno’s in our house and now we are literally caught up in the middle of a big mess. It all started with me wanting to steam clean the┬ácarpet in Olivia’s room, but then Dan said we “might as well change the carpet”. Then I said, then we might as well change all the flooring if we are going to get this started. So, this is what is going on right now. Dan is painting the house and changing the flooring. Problem is, he wants to do it all on his own which is great, but not very practical when he is home for only 3 days and gone for 4. Right when he is getting things going, it is time for him to leave. So, Helena and I find ourselves in this war zone looking house which is driving me nuts!!! I just can’t wait for it to be all done and I hope it will look nice.

One other thing I wanted to get done before baby is born was to get a new vehicle. I am glad we got this done. I finally got my dream vehicle: a van ! haha Go ahead, laugh at me! But I’m super happy with it. I love the room and I love how comfortable Helena is in there. In my previous car, Helena would cry the whole time. It felt just too tight in there. Now, with more room AND a dvd player, Helena has no problem staying in the van. It makes me want to go for a road trip some time soon!


Giving daddy a hand!

I have already gone thru Helena’s clothes one by one, separated everything than is still in good condition for Olivia to inherit – there is a lot !!! Having two kids from the same gender is a money-saver! ┬áSo, basically now I just need to wait until dan is done with with the carpet installation in the nursery so I can start moving things in there – furniture … clothes ( which are like all over the house ).

Then we need to get a double stroller. And I guess that is it LOL Hopefully! Then we can just sit back and wait for her arrival!

How am I doing?

I have felt nausea again these last couple of days … I HOPE this does not mean nausea and vomiting will be coming back to stay during this trimester. I am finally eating better and not losing weight. I hope to stay this way until the end now.

My energy level has gone down hill too. I am so tired all the time. I haven’t been sleeping well either probably because of everything: anxiety to get things done, hard to find a comfortable position, having to pee in the middle of the night …

Emotionally, I haven’t been feeling that greatest either – THANKS HORMONES!!!

Dan’s working out of town has started to affect me again. I guess not only am I sick of him having to go and interrupt what we are accomplishing when he is home, I am also afraid of going into labor or something with him being gone.

Ever since he left this week I have been feeling really $hitty. On top of that Helena has been sick and just not feeling right.

I don’t want to feel this way for too long – who does, really?- so I am going to try and push myself to work through this!!!