Family Trip to Mexico < Part II: The Trip

Medano Beach in San Lucas

Medano Beach in San Lucas

I still miss the warmth of the sun on my skin and the ability to wear nothing but a dress before going outside.

This trip to Mexico reinforced the feeling that I have had since last summer. I don’t want to live in this cold a place forever. Especially after having a kid, it is so much easier for all of us when it is warm outside. The ability to go to a spray-park or to the backyard and have the kids just play and have a good time. It is boring to do that indoors for so many long moths during the year.


Having fun at the pool with vov├│

Our resort was packed with Canadians, lots of them from Alberta. There must have been a targeted promotion or something. It felt like an elderly home though, to be honest, because there were so many people over 60 there. This means the resort was pretty quiet which was good. Helena had a blast, seriously, from the 4 of us she is the one who had the most fun. We would wake up and go to the restaurant to have breakfast. From there, we would go back to our rooms to change and what not. Helena would grab her float or life vest and run to the door. She wanted to go to the pool. Later in the day, we would have lunch and little lady would go for a nap. Then we would get ready to have dinner. During dinner time, there would always be something going on like karaoke or live music. Helena would dance and dance and dance. She was devastated every time we would go back to our rooms. She’d keep asking to go back downstairs to dance haha.


Enjoying the outdoors with daddy

Los Cabos is absolutely beautiful, ┬áblessed with a breathtaking landscape. A few months ago they were hit by a hurricane and they were still working on the damage left behind. Many resorts were still closed. Many establishments were still undergoing renovations. There is something else interesting about that place, something we did not know before we booked our trip. Many beaches are closed to swimming. Yes, they tide at those locations is just too strong, so people are told not to go in. That was the case of the beach right in front of our resort. Beautiful, but useless. This fact doesn’t bother many people as they don’t really care about going in, but I care about that. I love water activities. So, we had to look for swimmable beaches. Everybody made it sound like it was so easy to get there. It is not that it was hard, but it took us forever to find the first one we went to. This time, I did not actually go in. Dan and Helena did. I just chilled under the sun and had some yummy food. The next time we went to the beach, I got in. It a different beach. This one, unlike the first one, had no restaurants or chairs, no businesses. It was just the water and the sand which was great. Dan and I snorkelled a bit. I tried to get my mom to do it too, but she got to scared so she was done in like 2 minutes. I could not believe how many beautiful fishes were right there, not too far from the shore. It is absolutely addicting. I wish I could do that everyday. The water was freaking cold, but it was still wonderful. That was another interesting thing about Los Cabos to me. I have been to Cancun before and it was absolutely hot. Los Cabos, on the other hand, had a desert-like weather. At night it would get chilly, and during the day it was nice and warm. But not too hot tho. I don’t remember feeling overly hot there which is great. During the morning, it was a bit cold to go straight to the pool. We’d wait a bit, until around 10 am, to finally have the guts to go in. And even then, we would go to the hot tub first.

McDonald's destroyed by hurricane

McDonald’s destroyed by hurricane

This trip was different from our trip to Jamaica. We were newlyweds, we had time and energy to do so much. We went on a different excursion everyday. This time around we were very limited – being with a toddler and me being pregnant. We couldn’t many of the excursions offered. One thing I really wanted to do, but could not this time around was to dive. I love it.

So, basically we spent lots of time at the resort, did some sight-seeing of our own as we rented a car, went on a whale watching excursion which was amazing btw, ate lots of food. Next time, we intend to leave Helena and Olivia with grandma.


Our little family at the Marina in San Lucas