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Letter to my baby

Hello, my darling.

I can’t believe we are going to meet soon. I am so happy and I still can’t believe you are finally coming into our lives. You will never know just how much we have wanted you to come!

Everybody we know is so anxious to see your little face and ask about you every day. I hope you can feel all of this love from within my womb. By the way, I hope you had a good time in there. I tried to make it as cozy as possible for you and, although you are in a tight spot right now, you have been to so many places already, even overseas!! One day I want to show you photos of the things we did together while you were in there.

I am really scared of giving birth; I am not going to lie. I imagine it will not be an easy task for me, neither for you. But don’t be scared! Everything is going to work just fine and when you come out there will be a lot of people waiting for you. Your Brazilian grandparents are coming all the way from Brazil just to be here for your arrival.

Basically, here is what I really want to tell you. I have a lot to learn and I will make mistakes along the way while trying to get this whole parenting thing right, and for that I apologize in advance.  Just keep in mind I love you a lot and everything I do will always be to the best of my abilities.

I also hope we can be great friends and, when you are a teenager, you will listen to me and let me guide you. It is not that I know everything, but I am 25 years older than you are and that gives me a head start. And it is not that I want to control your life, but I just want to keep you safe and prepared because, unfortunately, I can’t bring you into a better world. This is the only one we have. I am not trying to make you scared or anything, I am just being honest. It is a beautiful world and there are many wonderful things about it, but unfortunately that is not all. And I wish I had been able to change it somehow and made it better before you came, but it is just not the case. So, I can’t change the world, but we can make our own little world a great place, the three of us, you, me and daddy.

I don’t want this letter to sound sad or anything. These are just things I wanted to tell you now in 2013 so you know I truly meant them when I tell you all of this again in 15 years or so. It is also to let you know how much you are loved by all of us. You can’t imagine how anxious I am!!  Your dad, as you will learn in time, is not a very emotional person. He is very reserved and quiet, but I can see his anxiety and excitement too. While I demonstrate my feelings with words, he is the type that does so with actions. He is working really hard to get things for you. He bought everything for your nursery with a lot of love; he is also already saving money for your college fund which, by the way, he said he will use to buy a truck if you decide not to go to school haha, so I hope you go to college because I don’t want another truck!!!

Anyways, I just hope we have a great time together. I am really looking forward to meeting the unique person you are. I hope I do a good job teaching you about love, respect, tolerance and that you can use these to make a difference in this world. No pressure hehe.

Love you. See you soon.