The First Three Weeks

I thought time went by fast after having one kid, now with two …  Let me tell ya!

I had been meaning to post since the first week, but couldn’t find the time.

Unlike posting a status on facebook, I need some inspiration to post on here. And that requires my mind to be relaxed!

Right now, I’m alone with Olivia. In bed, listening to classical music. I have been hit by the wave of inspiration. 

Olivia is only 3 weeks, as of today, and it is amazing to realize that, even at such a young age, she has a personality of her own already!

Week Old Olivia

We were expecting her to behave somewhat like Helena as newborn, but they are nothing alike!

She is very calm, very quiet. She doesn’t even cry to eat at night, she mostly moans lol

Sometimes, I’m super busy with Helena and I can’t get to her rigjt away, then she cries. But, even then, it is not that loud.

In the first week, she would sleep a lot! To the point where I’d wake her up to eat, or else my breats would blow up.

Eventually, we had to get a pump…

She slowly transitioned to where we are at now. She still sleeps lots, of course, because she is a baby haha but she does spend quite a bit of time awake. When she is awake, she doesn’t want to be lying down. She wants to be sitted or walking around, she wants to be interacting, stimulated … 

I’m not sure what our feeding pattern is. I feed her on demand and haven’t paid attention to the intervals yet. But she has been eating a lot this last two days. Growth spurt, maybe? 

We have been co-sleeping again. It is the best way to get the most rest for me. I have been doing the night shift on my own because Dan needs to get up early to go work during the week. And during the weekend so that he is rested enough to take care of Helena during the morning so that I can stay in bed longer. 


My mom’s presence has been priceless. Having the opportunity to drop Helena off with her is giving me the chance to spend time with Olivia without the guilt of feeling like I’m neglecting Helena.

On the contraty, Helena wakes up in the morning and asks to go to Vovó’s place right away! It will be hard when she leaves!


I intend to try and spend time alone with the two before my mom leaves to try and get the hang of it slowly rather than suddenly once she is gone. I have spent very little time on my own with them.


It is summertime and it is going by so fast. We are trying to take advantage of it as much as possible so we haven’t really spent that much time at home.

Poor Olivia is sick of the carseat haha

Dan and I have managed to go to the theatre once since she has been born. We left them at my mom’s. It was awesome! Definitely helped us feel closer after all the changes in our routine.


If it wasn’t for the endless reno’s in this house, which puts a restrain on us, it would almost feel like honeymoon even with a newborn. It causes us to fight a lot because I am so sick of it. I can’t wait to have my home back and to be able to have guests!

My disgusting stairs

Speakin of renos… They are not done. Dan took a week off the week Olivia was born and he caught up a lot, but it has been slow again since he went back to work. I wish he would just let me hire somebody to wrap it up. As there isn’t much left to do. The biggest problem is the stairs. He has no clue what to do with it and wastes time trying to figure it out. All of this time is time he could be spending with us… enjoying summer. I’m about to just hire someone !


As for Helena, I believe things have played out as expected. She loves her sister. Loves to hug her, kiss her and hold her. She tries to play with her, it is so cute! She brings her toys, and even tries to share her food with her.


Her problem seems to be with me. She seems to be mad at me, like I cheated on her or something… I naturally spend more time with Olivia than anyone else, and she realized she was the reason why my belly was big ! 

But nothing is worse than when Dan as Olivia! She snaps! We talk to her, but it is definitely a matter of time.

She also decided to use pacifier again, the carseat and tried to wear clothes of hers that were passed onto Olivia… 


Everything expected, so no surprises here! You just don’t realize how easy newborns are until you have a toddler!

How dif I ever think a newborn was a lot of work the first time around? LOL


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